Howard Middle Academy of Arts

The talented, dedicated, energetic instructors at Howard are proud to guide students to excellence in the Visual and Performing Arts and beyond. This tab is the home for magnet-related information and resources that students and parents might need throughout their time at Howard.

We are excited about your decision to pursue an education integrated with the arts. The Howard Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts is an OCPS magnet program which opened in August 2012. This program provides a rigorous academic curriculum with all students enrolled in advanced core courses with art integration, providing enhanced opportunities for high school and college preparation. With majors in the Visual and Performing Arts, students are able to explore exciting classes that include Theatre, Dance, Visual Arts and Music.

Students will have many opportunities to share their work and talent through various exhibits, concerts, recitals, and competitions. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Orlando and near Lake Eola, Howard Middle School offers beautiful historic facilities for these performances and exhibitions. If you are interested in developing a deep understanding of the arts in an academically focused environment for your child, we welcome your child’s application for admission to our magnet program.

Beginning a middle school career is an important decision for one’s academic future. The Howard Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts offers one of the best middle school experiences available. We look forward to introducing you to our magnet program and our school.
In order to be considered for admission to the Howard Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts magnet program, each student must complete a magnet application, available electronically at
VPA Magnet Program Parent Group Tours are being scheduled. Contact Lee Ramsey by email ([email protected]) or phone (407-245-1780 x: 5092303) to signup for a tour or for additional information regarding the Howard Visual and Performing Arts magnet program. Space is limited. Group Tour Schedule is here.

Interested in applying for Howard? Applications are due February 15, 2018. Click THIS LINK to access School Choice and apply now!

Questions regarding the Magnet Program can be directed to

Clinton McCracken (Magnet Coordinator/ Art Instructor)
[email protected]
​(407) 245-1780 Ext. 5092305


​Lee Ramsey (Assistant Magnet Coordinator)
[email protected]
​(407) 245-1780 Ext. 5092303

Contact Info for Visual and Performing Arts Instructors:




McCracken, Clinton

Magnet Director & Visual Arts Instructor

[email protected]

Ramsey, Lee

Magnet Program Assistant Coordinator

[email protected]

Buckley, Rachel

Visual Arts Instructor

[email protected]

Hairston, Morgan Dance Instructor [email protected]

Horohoe, Lisa

Theatre/Acting Instructor

[email protected]

Hudson, Samantha

Dance Instructor

[email protected]

King, Melissa

Music Theory/Piano Instructor

[email protected]

King, Valerie

Digital Arts/Year Book Instructor

[email protected]

Lubaroff, Mary

Orchestra Instructor

[email protected]

Olinger, Meridith

Visual Arts Instructor

[email protected]

Penfield, Aaron

Choral Instructor

[email protected]

Vinson, Oscar

Guitar Instructor

[email protected]

Warskow, Kristen

Visual Arts Instructor

[email protected]

Wille, Damon

Band Instructor

[email protected]