Principal's Message

Principal Kimberly Beckler
Welcome to Howard Middle School Academy of Arts!

Our goal at Howard Middle School Academy of Arts is to provide an intense focus on student achievement and success for all students, within a safe, positive, creative and stimulating visual and performing arts environment.  

 As the new principal at Howard, I am thrilled about the high quality of our team, and the wide range of programs we are able to offer.   As a 100% magnet middle school, we are able to provide program majors in a variety of areas including guitar, visual arts, theatre arts, digital arts, piano, band, orchestra, dance, and chorus.   In addition to the magnet programs, we also offer a variety of advanced core classes, academic electives, and athletic opportunities.  There is no way these programs would be possible without the amazing support and involvement of our families and the community, which we are truly grateful for. 

 This year, in addition to our already outstanding programs, we are now a one on one digital device school, which means we have increased opportunities to integrate technology into student learning.   As a result, teachers will now be using Canvas as the “hub” of their digital classrooms, and communication regarding due dates, materials, and assignments will now be streamlined.  Parents will receive more information on how to access canvas throughout the first week of school.

 It is truly an honor to serve as your school principal, and I look forward to an amazing school year!

 Kimberly Beckler
Howard Academy of Arts

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