The Guidance department is the headquarters for student services. They can assist in picking classes, signing up for tests, researching scholarships, and preparing for graduation and beyond.

6th Grade/7th Grade (A-F): Sarita Cullen 407.245.1780 ext. 5092224

8th Grade/7th Grade (G-Z): Terry Hummel 407.245.1780 ext. 5092247

Section 504 Contact: Londrea Bryant  407.245.1780 ext. 5092251

Staffing Specialist: Laura Vingiano   407.245.1780 ext. 5092286


 Guidance Services Available at Howard Middle School:

Orientation of New Students

Student Assistance Team Coordination

Individual Guidance

Scheduling of Students

Group Counseling

Curriculum Planning and Revision

Standardized Testing

Career and Vocational Counseling

Psychological Referrals

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Exceptional Education

Placement Community Resource Liaison

Registration/Withdrawal of Students

Peer Mediation

Crisis Management Services

Referral to other services as needed