Media Center


Anna Thoma, Howard Middle School Media Specialist, email 407.245.1780 ext. 5092300

The media center is the heart of our school. Students come to the media center for research, use computers, and, of course, borrow books for the enjoyment of reading. Faculty and staff often use the center for training and collaboration. The center also houses the professional library, the TV studio and two computers labs.

Professional Resource Area

The Media Center offers a Professional Resource area for faculty and staff use. This area includes professional books and journals, audiovisual materials and equipment, and computer software.

Unit Planning 

The media specialist can assist all faculty members in the preparation of units of study and production and/or utilization of instructional materials. Specific research skill lessons may be planned in conjunction with classroom units of study upon request. These lessons need to be planned and scheduled prior to the date needed.

Scheduling the Media Center 

A media center sign-up book is located at the circulation desk. The earlier you schedule your classes, the better chance you have of getting the days and times you want. Groups of six of more students, or entire classes, need to be scheduled into the media center and MUST be accompanied by the teacher.

Teachers may send up to five students to the media center on passes during class hours. Each student must have a pass, properly completed, from his/her teacher. Passes should state the student’s purpose of visiting the media center so that the media staff can better service them. If the media center should be filled to capacity due to classes, students on passes will be asked to return to their classroom. Students in the media center not working productively will be sent back to class.

Student Behavior in the Media Center 

Please review the following rules with your students prior to visiting the media center.

  • Talk softly, whisper (voice level 1)
  • Replace books and materials as instructed. 
  • Walk. Running and horseplay is inappropriate.
  • Return chairs under tables when leaving.
  • Place all trash in trashcans.
  • Come prepared by bringing paper, pencil, & assignment.


Except for specific reference material, all materials in the media center are available for checkout. Students may check out three books for a two-week period. Periodicals and designated reference materials may be checked out overnight. All material not on reserve may be renewed once upon request. Teachers and staff may check out materials for a three-week period with the option to renew if not on reserve. Overdue notices will be sent to all students, teachers and staff. Students will not be permitted to check out materials as long as they have overdue or books. 

Students, teachers and staff are responsible for lost and/or damaged materials. It is strongly discouraged for teachers to check out materials under their name for students.


The media staff is ready, willing and able to provide instruction on how to use any piece of equipment provided by the media center. Drop by and set up a time to update yourself. Use of new technology is encouraged and we strive to update our equipment, as funds are available. Please notify the media center staff immediately of any equipment problems or needs. Certain types of equipment will be checked out to you for the year. These include overhead projectors, audiovisual carts and TV remotes. LCD projectors, DVD players and CD players may be checked out as needed.

Care and Use of Equipment 

Please do not allow students to operate the equipment. Keep all equipment away from chalk dust. Overhead bulbs break easily and are very costly. Let overhead bulbs cool for five minutes before moving the equipment. Notify or send damaged equipment to the media center immediately. We will either try to fix it on the spot or replace it if we have something available.